mIRC Collapsable Switchbar Online Help System

Here is the help for MCS. It isn't that hard of an addon to actually use, so there isn't too much to the help file here. First, if you know how to click the mouse, then you know more than enough to use this addon. So let's get to the meat of the task at hand... explaining what everything does, how to do it, and etc etc etc
First, let's talk about what MCS does. In a nutshell, MCS adds the ability to keep your switchbar from getting cluttered with buttons when you are chatting on multiple networks. Using $scon and scid it keeps the windows grouped via each connection and only displays the buttons relevent to the active connection you are chatting on. It displays the [Status: conn1] [#channel] [#channel2] [query] [dcc chat] | [Status: conn2] | [Status: conn3].

Ok, now let's move on to how one uses MCS and configues it, etc. It's not hard, all the settings are manipulated through the configuration dialog.

Let's look at the options and what each does.
Now, onto the configurability of MCS. Here I will go over what each option does in regards to MCS. This is the section of the config dialog marked: Included Windows
Last, but not least, we come to "M.C.S. Enable" where you turn MCS on or off. That's it... there isn't anything else to MCS. Everything else is handled for you with no intervention on your part needed.
If you have any other questions, or have found a bug or would like to request a feature in MCS, please feel free to contact me at: tiernan@lomag.net

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